Where Did The Ugandan Knuckles Meme Come From - We Explain

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If you don’t know what we’re talking about, good! You don’t spend a lot of time on the internet. You’ll only have to spend your time here and let us explain to you what Ugandan Knuckles is.

First, you’ll have to actually know who Knuckles is if you don’t already. Which would kind of be a shame, because it means you sort of didn’t have a childhood.

This guy is Knuckles, from Sonic. If you don’t know what Sonic is, go read a book. Or play a video game, we guess. Knuckles is essentially one of Sonic’s sidekicks. He’s a little slower than our favorite blue hedgehog and he likes to, well, use his knuckles to punch stuff.

And what we have here is the meme in question. This is Ugandan Knuckles, a stocky, loveable character with a pertinent question to ask.

Before we even say anything, go ahead and watch this video of tiny little sonics and hedgehogs running around being ridiculous. After watching, you’ll undoubtedly have more questions than you’ve ever had from watching any video ever, so go ahead and do that now.

Alright, you all good? Do you have no idea what you’ve just seen? What you’ve just seen is the origin story of Ugandan Knuckles, and these ridiculous and glorious memes we’ve now been blessed with.



In August of 2016, this video appeared on the internet of YouTuber VirtuallyVain showing a playthrough of himself in Call of Duty saying the now infamous line “Follow me, I know the way.” Which you would think would be a pretty normal thing to say. But not when you’re roleplaying as an African drug lord over the in-game chat and simultaneously confusing and terrifying the other players you’re playing with. The video hit over ten million views. It’s a pretty hilarious video, but essentially ended with some very perplexed gamers on the receiving end of the joke.

But in February 2017, another YouTuber got in on the action. Gregzilla reviewed Sonic Lost World, a platformer game that came out in 2017. And in the video, Ugandan Knuckles was born. But he wasn’t exactly Ugandan Knuckles yet. He was just a comically animated version of Knuckles, because Gregzilla did not like the game, to say the least. In the video, he describes Knuckles, and briefly shows his own animated version of him.

When a DeviantArtist got their hands on the description, they beefed it up a little bit, and we got this lovely result.

So, we’ve got all that. And, as the internet does, it blew things out of proportion and blended all these ideas together. We then got this video of Ugandan Knuckles singing “All Star.” Because why wouldn’t that exist.

 Pair this with the fact that Twitch streamers are fond of referencing the Ugandan jokes from the Call of Duty session, and the same line from the movie Who Killed Captain Alex? and that’s how the cluster of a video that you’ve witnessed came into existence.

The character is a little problematic, as you may have been thinking throughout reading this. Ugandan Knuckles is accused of perpetuating ethnic and racial stereotypes, but supporters of the meme merely say it’s an appreciation of them, and the movie and games that the character came from.

Whatever you think of the meme, there’s no denying that it’s utterly ridiculous, and goes to show the kind of mish-mash that can happen when a lot of people get together online.

There’s only one thing left to ask…

Do you know de wey?

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