The Best Memes Of 2018 So Far

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    1. Shirtless Kylo Ren

2018 has been a very memeable experience so far. No, not memorable. Memeable. We know the year isn't through, but it's still teeming with delightful memes, so we rounded these up for you to take a walk through memory lane from the not so distant past. Like when John Mayer brought to attention how ridiculous Kylo Ren's pants were, prompting thousands of others to take part in the shirtless Kylo Ren challenge and show off their similarly high-waisted, ridiculous pants.

    2. Super Bowl Selfie Kid

The Super Bowl always blesses us with memes. Left Shark, jumping Lady Gaga, and now Super Bowl Selfie Kid. In an interview with Ellen, he explains that his phone was slow and shut off.(He had an iPhone 6. Geez, get with the times, Super Bowl Kid. What an ancient piece of technology!) That's why he seemed to barely be paying attention to Justin Timberlake. Everyone knows pics or it didn't happen, and he was about to walk away with no pics. Despite the fact that the performance was being broadcast to millions of people.  

    3. The Tide Pod Challenge

When we say best memes of 2018 so far, it's difficult not to include any mention of Tide pods. But it's also difficult to include them as well. Why? Because it's hard to admit that this level of intelligence exists on the earth. And by level of intelligence, we mean a very, very low level of intelligence. But hey, doesn't this flavor look delicious? Seriously, don't eat Tide pods. If you do, though, the collective IQ of the world will probably raise a little.

    4. Buff Kim Kardashian

She's more commonly known as Gym Kardashian, and she definitely lifts, bro. Why did this happen? We're not so sure. How did this happen? Probably a lot of work and a bunch of protein shakes. Gotta keep looking swole to stay so popular on Instagram. We'd like to know more about her workout regimen, and then subscribe to whatever it is. Or possibly just watch the stories on Instagram.

    5. Evil Patrick

It seems to be true that the internet creates a new Spongebob meme for us every year. This year, Patrick takes a turn in the spotlight. This meme features some of the more, er, explicit captions, but gives Patrick Star some time as a star. The lesson to learn? Never get caught in the middle of a maniacal chuckle. Unless you want to be memed for the rest of your life.

    6. Infinity War Crossover

If you're not excited for Infinity War, do you live on the planet earth? Everyone on the internet is excited for it, but they're also taking into contention the fact that it's the most ambitious crossover in history. It very well may be, but they also forgot about the Star Wars/Muppet show crossover. But it's also possible that their brains deleted that from their memories due to trauma.

    7. Meryl Streep at the Oscars

Like the Super Bowl, you can also count on The Oscars to deliver us some wonderful memes - even if not really that many people turned off their Netflix to turn it on this year. You didn't need to actually watch it to know that Meryl Streep decided that this would be a perfect time to bust out a spot-on cosplay. She didn't take home the best actress award, but she gets the little golden statue for her ability to resemble a fictional character.

    8. Kylie Jenner's Baby

Maybe it's possible that the entire thing is a joke and Kylie Jenner did not actually give birth to a child, because it's been so memed. But alas, unless it's all a very elaborate ruse, we think that she actually did have a child with rapper Travis Scott, and name her Stormi. And yeah, that name is real, too. Basically, she was asking for her daughter to be made into a meme. Asking for it.

    9. Michaela Coel on ‘Black Mirror’

If you've seen any single episode of Black Mirror, you've probably had your life wrecked. You'll never be able to look at technology the same way again. But Michaela Coel was a breath of fresh air on the show, and gifted us with this meme. We challenge you to find anyone who looks better rocking that headset.

    10. Google Culture App

There's an endless and endlessly delightful quantity of memes that originated from the Google Arts & Culture app. Thousands of people have taken to the app to see what art history piece matches them, and they were not disappointed. Well, they were actually probably disappointed, but they laughed a lot anyway.

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