Memes You've Seen 100 Times But Never Get tired Of

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Or, one does simply use the same meme every time, because there are some memes out there that are just so golden that they deserve to be used constantly. You’ve probably got these saved in a separate folder in your phone so you can whip them out whenever the time comes. And because they’re such classic memes, the time comes often. You, being the meme star that you are, are always ready.

You know you’ve seen overly attached girlfriend a time or two. Or a bazillion times or two. But she’s so relatable. Whatever it is, the crazy eyes and crazy smile always give you room for making a great meme. This screengrab is taken from a YouTube video titled “JB Fanvideo” sung to a parody of “Boyfriend,” and it’s slightly terrifying.

Of course the most interesting man in the world is a meme. Sometimes, you see something, and you know right away that it will become a meme. This man was practically born as a meme. And, yes, we do find that very interesting.

Liam Neeson, why you gotta be like that? You know your meme is funny, and you know it will never get old. Seriously, this movie has been out for almost a decade, and this meme is still relevant and will always be relevant, no matter what you’re applying it to.

Sudden Clarity Clarence went to a music festival one day, and the next was an internet sensation. And one that you never get tired of meming. An important part of a well-balanced meme? That it can be Photoshopped to oblivion and reference other fandoms and still be funny. Sudden Clarity Clarence holds up well.

There are many iterations of the Grumpy Cat meme, and they’re all wonderfully gloomy. You can express how much you dislike people in meme form, so it’s less insulting. And who on the internet doesn’t love cats? It’s an all-around, win-win for everybody.

No list would be complete without a mention of the Ermahgerd Girl. Anything can be put into conjunction with the Ermahgerd meme. Anything. And that’s what’s wonderful about it. It’s also fun to talk in the Ermahgerd accent from time to time. You know you’re trying it in your head right now.


Is this meme okay in any way? It’s probably not, but you don’t care because it’s funny. When this baby grows up, he’s going to be so famous. “Hey, I’m the drunk baby in that meme!” he’ll say to impress girls at the bar. But no one will believe him.

Here we have another meme where you can use virtually any topic, and it works. For example, the topic of this article is memes that are overused, and it works. Pizza? It would work if you’re throwing a pizza party. Babies? It would work if you’re at a baby shower. (Potentially.) See? It works for literally everything.

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